How To Render

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Before you start

Before you start you will need to consider the following?

  • What is the surface being rendered?
  • What thickness will the render need to be applied for the desired finish?
  • How do you want to apply the render, either by trowel or roller?
  • What sort of finish do you want to achieve either a smooth fine coat or a sandy finish?

Use a Dunlop Multipurpose Acrylic Render as a base coat and then use the Dunlop Multipurpose Fine Coat Render or Dunlop Ready-to-Go Render as a finishing coat.

Surface Preparation

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How to Render prep step 1

Step 1:

Ensure the surface is in sound and clean off dust and any contaminating materials or coatings.

How to Render prep step 2

Step 2:

If the surface is dry or porous, dampen the surface to be rendered by brushing or sponging the surface or applying a light mist spray of water to prevent rapid drying of the render.

How to Render prep step 3

Step 3:

Dense concrete surfaces will require priming with Dunlop Primer and allow to dry for 30 minutes prior to the application of render.

How to Render prep step 4

Step 4:

Jointing all FC sheets and blueboard should be carried out as per manufacturer’s instructions.


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How to Render app step 5

Step 5:

Mix the Dunlop Acrylic Render as per the water ratios as specified on the packaging.

How to Render app step 6

Step 6:

Apply with a steel trowel, evenly spreading the mix over the surface.

How to Render app step 7

Step 7:

Use a straight edge to ensure that the render is level.

How to Render app step 8

Step 8:

After 10 to 30 minutes, use a plastic trowel to create a smooth surface. The surface is ready for finishing when there is no transfer of render to the fingertips.

How to Render app step 10

Step 9:

For finishing use either a wooden or plastic float for a dense and smooth finish or use a sponge to achieve a coarse and sandy finish.

How to Render app step 11

Step 10:

For the final finishing select either the Dunlop Multipurpose Finecoat Render or the Dunlop Ready –to-Go Render by applying by a steel trowel.

How to Render app step 12

Step 11:

Using either a plastic float or sponge create the desired finish. Watch our Finishing Tip video to create the look you want.

How to Render app step 13

Step 12:

A decorative paint can be applied once the render has cured for 24 hours for each 2mm thickness of render.

Handy Hints

  • Keep mixed material out of direct sunlight to extend the pot life of the mix.
  • Never add additional water to reinvigorate a mix, this could result in the render shrinking and cracking.
  • Always wash tools in clean water before the material dries.